The heart of our public ministry is the next 36m x 12m building labeled, "PRIORITY 3", on the master-plan. We are grateful for the dormitory, but we need a multi-purpose building which will serve as a University of the Nations lecture room (two 14m x 12m halls), dining hall, Children's study centre in the afternoons, Adult education centre / 12-step Support group meeting place in the evening. Having a building like this will meet the following needs:

  1. It will provide the necessary lecture rooms for our college-level learners and help us get a better rating with Zambia's Training Authority.
  2. It will be used in the afternoon by elementary and high school level learners as a study room for youths within a radius of 3km around the base (the one and only public library in Livingstone is 5km away).
  3. This facility will provide space for a 12-step Support group for people in recovery from addictions
  4. It will have a complete kitchen in it and that will release the current Dorm kitchen to its original purpose of being a closed-stack library.
  5. The facility will also be used for our Vacation Bible School programs, Youth Life-Skills programs, Children's weekend camps and chaplaincy services to un-churched people (providing spiritual care across denominational lines).
  6. It will also help provide a meeting place for YWAM's 200 volunteers who meet every two years at some lodges and guest houses they can hardly afford.

It is all estimated to cost K550,000 (roughly equivalent to US$100,000). Please, keep us in your prayers so that we can roll out this training ministry and the community ministries attached to it within two years.